3.3kWp Solar Package with 5.73kWh Energy Storage.


3.3kWp Solar Package with Solar Energy Storage.

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3.3kWp Solar Package with 5.73kWh Battery Storage.

This 3.3kWp Solar PV system will be ideal for a household that uses at least 17kWh of electricity per day on average over the year. The system will produce approximately 14kWh of solar electricity per day, with 5.73kWh stored for use at night or when a power interruption occurs.

Included in this system is;

12 x 275W Seraphim Energy Polycrystalline Solar Modules (BNEF Tier 1 Top 10) 

1 x Alpha ESS Smile 5 Hybrid Inverter & Cable Box (Modular up to 22kW of storage available) 

1 x Alpha ESS 5.73kWp  LifePo4 Battery Module. 

1 x Standard Installation by a CEC accredited Solar & Energy Storage Installer. 

Standard inclusions;

  • Single storey home less than 15yrs old.
  • Colourbond or corrugated iron roof.
  • Within 80kms of Adelaide or Perth CBD. (Melbourne not included)
  • Suitable roof space to install 20 panels (approx 38sqm)
  • Up to 2 arrays (10 panels each).

Please note

  • The price quoted here is Nett of the Government STC incentives for Zone 3 Australia. The price listed is subject to a site inspection.
  • The value of the STC’s have been calculated at $2,134.36
  • The GST on this purchase will be $1,117

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