Commercial Buildings to Install Energy Storage

Energy efficiency in Southland is set to boost as Wal-Mart Stores and a number of other entities installs energy storage technology to reduce costs and lower electricity demand during time of peak usage in Southern California.

The energy storage technology will be installed throughout 2018 at 27 Walmart stores and at Irvine Ranch Water District, Irvine Co., the California State University Office of the Chancellor and Cal State Long Beach.

Installation of the battery-storage systems at the Walmart stores alone will create 40 megawatts of energy storage. The mega retailer declined to reveal which of its locations will utilize the technology.

The system that will be used to power the stores uses advanced energy storage and intelligent software that allows a building to manage its own energy usage in real time. The building stores clean energy when it’s inexpensive and available and it instantly switches from the electric grid to battery power to conserve energy when demand on the electric grid is high.

“The Hybrid Electric Building technology will save that office about $28,000 a year,” chief of energy and sustainability at the chancellor’s office, Aaron Klemm s aid.

“The batteries charge overnight when the grid isn’t stressed. The cost of getting power when the grid is stressed is about three times greater. This allows us to buy less power, so we can reduce our bill,” he added.

The Irvine Ranch Water District (IRWD) will see even bigger savings — more than $500,000 a year.

“This battery storage system — the largest in the nation — provides significant cost savings, enhanced grid stability and contributes to reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and a smaller carbon footprint,” IRWD board member Mary Aileen Matheis said in a statement.

“As California moves forward with its climate goals we have our own carbon emissions reduction requirements that incorporate a lot more renewables into the grid. This helps to move us forward toward our climate goals,” Klemm said.