Energy Storage

An ESD Energy Storage System will free yourself even further
from the energy grid. Whether it’s increased self consumption
or black out protection ESD has you covered.

Why Choose Energy Storage?

In recent times South Australia has experienced some significant black outs, which has caused many people to look into energy storage as a solution. Nobody really wants to go without electricity, so this may seem like a good reason to have a ‘back up plan’. In saying that though we live in hope that these recent events are extremely isolated. So it would be un economic to invest in battery storage, for an event that will hopefully never happen again. The real value proposition for installing batteries to your solar power system lies in ‘Increased Self Consumption’ which we will explain a little more about below.

Typical Household Energy Consumption.

Unless you are retired or you work from home, a typical household uses energy in the morning & the afternoon/ evening.

Typical Solar Production

Solar is produced between sunrise & sunset, with the highest production is usually between 11am-3pm. During summer months the production is increased right through until around 8pm.

The Challenge

Other than in the summer months & on weekends, it can be a real challenge for working households to get best value out of their solar power system. Below are 3 ways to achieve maximum value.

Options For Excess Solar Production

Only Cover Daytime Loads.

One way to maximise your solar investment is to install a system that only covers your daytime loads when nobody is at home. This option can be seen as ideal on face value, but will potentially leave you lacking for solar energy on weekends & during the summer months.

Sell your excess energy to your utility.

From 2008-2012 the South Australian Government was offering large benefits for consumers who wanted to sell their excess energy to the grid. Some of these Feed In Tariffs were up to 50c per kWh, so you could sell energy during the day & buy back at night. Nowadays the Feed In Tariffs are significantly less than your real cost for the energy that you buy, so it is less economically viable to over size your system to your day time needs & then sell the excess to your utility company.

Store Your Excess Energy.

Now that feed in tariffs have dropped significantly & energy prices have continued to rise, it has now become a viable option to install an energy storage system. When you install a solar energy storage system, you are able to store your excess daytime solar production in your batteries to be used at night.

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