Want to reduce your daytime electricity costs?

Go SOLAR from 9c per kWh*

Which is better for my business?

There are several variables which could make either option more viable. For example; a business might see value in having a lower discount compared to the grid price for a shorter period, so that the can get ‘free’ electricity sooner. In this case the solar lease may be the better option. Or the alternative may be that a client just wants a known electricity price for as long as possible, then the PPA might be the better option.

Commercial Solar Lease.

    • $0 Up Front*.
    • Lower per kWh cost from day 1.
    • 3-7yr Term.
    • System transferred to you sooner.
    • 25yr expected life.
    • Fixed monthly payment.


Power Purchase Agreement.

    • $0 Up Front.
    • Lower per kWh cost from day 1.
    • 7-25yr Term.
    • Any maintenance covered by us.
    • 25yr expected life.
    • Variable payment based on kWh production


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