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Solar Power Installer Adelaide

Solar Power Solutions.

ESD is a leading installer of solar energy systems in South Australia, Victoria & Western Australia. Our team is experienced, having provided solar power to over 3,000 Residential, Commercial & Industrial clients. We look forward to speaking with you about your Solar PV requirements.

Energy Storage Solutions

Energy Storage Solutions.

A well designed Energy Storage Solution from ESD will give you additional freedom from rising Energy Bills. The experienced team from ESD has successfully Engineered hundreds of Grid Connected & Off-Grid battery storage installations in Australia & Asia.

Why Energy Storage Direct?


Let’s put ourselves in your shoes. There are literally hundreds of companies that you can buy a solar power system or energy storage solution from, so why would you choose us over everyone else. We’d like to think that you would choose us because we are a great bunch of guys & girls that are committed to the future energy security of Australia. We’ve listed below the top 4 reasons that we believe that you should consider ESD for your Solar Power + Energy Storage installation, just in case our personable nature wasn’t enough to swing you over to us.


South Australian Solar Company

We’re Local.

Fulltime office locations in Adelaide, Melbourne & Perth.

Tailored Design.

We will tailor a solution that suits your needs & budget.

14 day installation guarantee

Installed Fast.

System installed within 14 days of SAPN & Finance approvals.

24/7 system monitoring

System Monitoring.

Your system monitored 24/7 for your peace of mind.

Get a Fixed Price Quote Tailored For Your Home.

We offer a 100% tailored quotation for your property using your preferred communication method. 

How the Wilderness turn into giant battery storage in Australia

Melbourne University Climate and Energy College senior adviser Simon Holmes à Court said that modelling for the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) assumed Tasmania's "Battery of the Nation" pumped hydro project would not proceed. He said 23 academics from 11 universities...

Apartments in Perth tests Australia-first solar trading system, the outcome would be stunning

  White Gum Valley apartments are not only great with their structures but also great with their solar cells on the roof, but did you know that they are actually part of an Australian-first experiment? While the State Government is looking at pulling the pin on solar...

Australia leads the world in home energy storage sales

Home energy storage sales rocket as Australia moves towards standardization Australia’s energy and environment minister has hailed the country’s accelerating residential energy storage sales as a report has emerged from Chief Scientist Dr. Alan Finkel which says the...

Energy Storage to Solve Australia Solar Spill

The surge in solar power is flooding Australia's national grid Sometimes, having too much is not a good thing. As the number of solar rooftop installations in Australia rises, it creates concerns that too much energy is flooding into the electricity grid, and could...

Australia: Pumped Hydro Energy Storage is The Future

Pumped hydro energy storage 'could make Australia run on renewable energy alone within 20 years'   Australia has the capacity to store up to 1,000 times more renewable energy than it could ever conceivably need, according to an analysis by researchers at the...

Difference between AC and DC battery storage system

Source: Solar Choice As solar energy installation grows, so does the number of people with questions about their many options. At some point, energy storage system shoppers here in Australia find themselves having to decide between AC battery storage or DC battery...

Australia will run 100% Renewables in 2032

Exponential growth in wind and solar places 100 percent renewable energy within global reach by 2032, according to two Australian experts. Professor of Engineering Andrew Blakers and Research Fellow Matthew Stocks, both from Australian National University (ANU), claim...

Another $25 million Powerpack project in Australia will launch

Tesla to deploy another large Powerpack project in Australia after securing $25 million in funding   Tesla is not just about cars. If you thought oil companies were big, you didn’t see anything yet. Tesla is continuing its legacy in energy storage industry, and the...

SA Electricity price to be down by 20%

South Australian electricity bills to be slashed by 20% by Nick Xenophon’s SA-BEST party South Australian electricity bills will be slash by 20 per cent if it holds the balance of power after the March 17 state election, Nick Xenophon’s SA-BEST party said. The party’s...

New time-varying tariffs for solar exports finalized by Victoria regulators

Victoria’s solar feed-in tariff is set to shift to a time-varying model, after the details of the of the new scheme – an Australian first – were finalized by Victoria’s Essential Services Commission. The new solar FiT, to be introduced on July 1, 2018, will require...

Home battery storage uptake tripled in Australia

As rooftop solar continues to boom in Australia, a new report suggests home battery storage could soon follow suit, with uptake predicted to have tripled in 2017, and costs of the key technology expected to halve in less than seven years. The report, published by the...

New South Wales Electricity Price Still on the Rise

Complaints about high electricity price on the rise in NSW Electricity retailers in NSW are feeling the wrath of their customers, according to the Energy and Water Ombudsman (EWON). Electricity-related complaints to the Ombudsman rose 22.4 percent in the fourth...

Get a Fixed Price Quote Tailored For Your Home.

We offer a 100% tailored quotation for your property using your preferred communication method.