Portable Solar Power

Portable Solar Power Solutions.

Typically Diesel generators have been the dominant solution when it comes to portable power. With the advent of Lithium battery technology solar is now becoming a widely accepted option for portable power applications. The ESD portable solar power solution is able to be placed on trailers or trucks, inside shipping containers or even on boats.

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Portable Solar Power
Portable Signage Trailers.

ESD have successfully incorporated solar & battery technology onto many types of signage trailers. We have worked with road works providers, occupational safety companies & even marketing companies to provide reliable solar energy solutions.

Food Service & Events.

If you are staging events you will generally need electricity & a lot of it. the ESD solutions providers are able to design a portable solar energy solution to cater for all or part of your events. There are several ways that ESD can configure your portable solar power solution for your event or mobile catering business.

You may choose to have the full solar array on site with you at the event, or alternatively you can have a solar array at your depot & charge the battery storage system for delivery to the site.

Our systems range from as little as 6kWh of storage right through to multi megawatt options.

Portable Mining Camps.

During the exploration stage in mining it is common for the workers camp to move around frequently, this is something that has traditionally not been viable for solar. ESD’s unique range of solar energy storage solutions are different, we are able to move the solar power system with your camp with relative ease.

Our portable mining camp solution can be integrated with Diesel generation to reduce the reliance upon diesel or alternatively as a stand alone solution.

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