Off Grid Solar Power Adelaide, South Australia.

Energy Storage Direct offers the complete range of off grid solar power solutions for South Australia. We work with some of the world’s most reputable brands of solar equipment to deliver world class solutions in regional South Australia.

Below are some examples of the ESD off grid power solutions.

Off grid Solar Power Adelaide
Off Grid Homes.

In South Australia there are many beautiful locations without access to grid connected power. The cost of connecting to the grid can some times run into many thousands of dollars, which makes off grid solar electricity an extremely attractive option.

Previously off grid power systems had to rely on outdated battery technology, meaning that ongoing investment was constantly required to maintain the system. The latest in off grid solar power systems utilise Lithium battery technology which significantly increases the life span of an off grid system.

The ESD off grid household solution will last 4000 cycles, meaning that your off grid home will operate smoothly for up to 11yrs without the need to replace the batteries. Our unique solution also allows for additional DC & AC generation, meaning that you can add a wind generator or diesel generator to supplement the solar energy supply.

Remote Pumping Solutions.

At ESD we work with Lorentz DC pumps, which are the leader in solar pumping technology globally.  Our ESD team have worked with many different requirements for solar pumping for farming, mining, water purification & sporting applications.

You have multiple options when it comes to solar pumping & the ESD water pumping solution can cover the whole gambit of requirements. Our solar water pumping solutions can work just when the sun is out, working with a DC pump & solar panels. Alternatively we can also add energy storage to the solar array, thus allowing you to pump water 24/7 or anything in between.

Remote Workers Camps.

Australian is a vast country & quite commonly there is a need to provide power to workers who are stationed in the far corners of Australia. Energy Storage Direct offers multiple options for providing energy to remote workers.

We offer individual solutions for mining accomodation & are also able to provide mini grid solutions larger scale facilities. Our remote electrification solutions can be built on site at our warehouse in Adelaide & can be shipped to the desired location, or alternatively our team of engineers can build your remote power system directly on site.

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