Grid Connected Solar

Grid Connect Solar Energy Storage Solutions.

Most homes & businesses in Australia are connected to the electricity grid. By installing a solar power system you are able to limit the use of expensive grid power, but also have the freedom to use the grid connection at night or when your demand for electricity exceeds the solar production.

Up until recently State Governments were offering generous feed in tariffs, which meant that extra solar production was sold to the grid. This system worked quite well for those that took advantage of it, although it was unsustainable for Australian’s as a whole. We have now seen Feed In tariffs drop into line with the wholesale cost of electricity, which has forced the solar industry globally to innovate.

Solar 2.0 – Grid Connect Solar Energy Storage or Solar Self Consumption.  

Now that the Government is effectively out of our industry, we are able to offer our clients long term & real solutions to their energy needs. These solutions are real, needs based options that won’t be taken away at the next election.

A. Solar Self Consumption. – Only install enough solar energy to cover your daytime demand, when solar is most effective. This will reduce or eliminate any sale of electricity to the grid, so your ROI will be achieved very quickly.

B. Grid Connect Solar Energy Storage. – The price of Lithium battery technology has been dropping by an average of 16% per year over the last few years, as the take up of the technology has increased. Installing batteries onto your grid connected solar power system has now become an affordable option for applications where energy is used predominantly at night, such as working households.

Energy Storage Direct offers over 25yrs of experience in the solar energy market, dealing with grid connected, off grid & grid storage solutions. We have worked on some of the largest solar projects in South East Asia, we are ready to help South Australian home owners & industries to take advantage of Solar 2.0. Our unique solutions are offered below.

grid connect solar energy storage
Energy Storage Upgrades.

If you have an existing grid connect solar power system & you are not receiving a Government subsidised Feed In Tariff, we have great news. Energy Storage Direct can retrofit a lithium powered storage solution to nearly any system, regardless of brand or size.

Our experienced team will work with you to understand your energy needs & recommend a storage solution that will maximise your solar energy consumption.

Solar Energy + Storage.

The experienced team at Energy Storage Direct have collectively installed over 100,000 solar panels throughout Australia. We are accredited with the Australian Clean Energy Council to design & install a solution that meets your needs.

Our team will work with you to find the right size solar power system for your home or business, whether it be a self consumption sized system with no battery storage, or a larger sized system that makes use of the latest Lithium energy storage products available globally.

Commercial Load Shaving.

If you are a medium to large size business it is quite likely that you are being charged for electricity under a kVA demand tariff. This means that you are not just paying for the kWh that you consume, you are also being charged the the peak supply of electricity that is ‘available’ at your business.

Traditional grid connect solar technology was unable to significantly impact a users energy bill, especially if the ‘peak demand’ was occurring at night or at other times when solar was ineffective.

By installing solar with energy storage we are able to deploy the stored energy right when your leak demand occurs, meaning that your overall demand will be reduced. This will result in significant savings from your total energy bill.

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