Solar Energy Storage Adelaide, South Australia by ESD. 

The aim of ESD is simple, we bring Energy Independence to homes, offices, factories, farms & mining sites throughout South Australia. Our range of tailored solutions will allow you to function either partially or completely free of the Electricity grid. Our solutions  are available in grid connected, Off Grid & Hybrid configurations.

Our product suite includes;

  • Energy Storage upgrades for existing solar power plants.
  • Grid Connected solar energy installations with battery storage.
  • Off grid solar energy solutions.
  • Portable energy solutions.
Solar Energy Storage

Energy Storage Upgrades.

ESD offers Solar Energy Storage upgrades to your existing grid connected solar power system, for residential & commercial applications throughout South Australia.

Solar + Energy Storage.

ESD offers a range of Grid Connected solar power solutions, with the additional benefit of energy storage. This allows you to make best use of any excess energy produced by your system.

Off Grid Solutions.

Energy Storage Direct offers the latest technology in off grid solar energy solutions, utilising LiFePO4 (Lithium) battery banks. LiFePO4 battery technology will last up to 7 times longer than traditional lead acid or gel batteries.

Portable Energy Storage.

The team at Energy Storage Direct are able to adapt solar energy storage to almost any situation. The compact size of LiFePO4 battery banks has made solar energy storage viable for many applications.

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