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Freedom from rising energy costs with a tailored Solar Energy + Storage Solution from ESD.


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Solar Energy Solutions.

ESD works tirelessly to deliver South Australian home owners with reliable solar power solutions, at value for money prices. Our Solar experts are available to visit your premises to design a tailored Solar energy solution to meet your needs & budget.

Energy Storage Solutions.

ESD is a leader in the provision of LiFePo4 energy storage solutions to South Australian households. Our team have been working with battery storage products for many years & have the knowledge to assist you with a fully informed purchase decision.

Why Energy Storage Direct?


Let’s put ourselves in your shoes. There are literally hundreds of companies that you can buy a solar power system or energy storage solution from, so why would you choose us over everyone else. We’d like to think that you would choose us because we are a great bunch of guys & girls that are committed to the future energy security of South Australia. We’ve listed below the top 4 reasons that we believe that you should consider ESD for your Solar Energy + Energy Storage installation, just in case our personable nature wasn’t enough to swing you over to us.


South Australian Solar Company

We’re Local.

We are a proudly South Australian owned & operated company.

Tailored Design.

We will tailor a solution that suits your needs & budget.

14 day installation guarantee

Installed Fast.

System installed within 14 days of SAPN & Finance approvals.

24/7 system monitoring

System Monitoring.

Your system monitored 24/7 for your peace of mind.

Australia should move completely away from coal – Senate Committee Says

“Australia should move completely away from coal-generated electricity,” Senate report said in economic factors as the primary factors. The report called for a comprehensive energy plan that would ensure coal-fired power stations close with plenty of warning. The...
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Renewable Energy Poll: Battery Storage is Skyrocketing

Battery Storage is Skyrocketing. As households look to reduce their dependence on expensive grid-supplied electricity, and cut soaring power bills. A new poll has confirmed the increasing popularity of home battery storage in Australia. The Reachtel poll, commissioned...
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ARENA: Funding 30MW SA battery to demonstrate how energy storage strengthen the grid

ARENA: Funding 30MW SA battery to demonstrate how energy storage strengthen the grid. The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) will help fund $30 million for a large-scale energy storage system. This project is designed to demonstrate how energy storage can...
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UK: Better Electricity Management with Energy Storage

UK: Better Electricity Management with Energy Storage. The government of UK knows very well that better electricity management will pay benefits for energy consumers of all scales. With the bonus of increased security and sustainability of the electricity grid itself....
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Off Grid Solar Hybrid Systems for 10 Indigenous Communities.

Off Grid Solar Hybrid Systems For Indigenous Communities. Ten indigenous communities in Australia are set to be powered by hybrid solar PV and diesel systems. As the first phase of an AU$55 million (US$43.8 million) project. “The transition to renewables would provide...
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Minnesota: Energy storage paired with solar is more cost effective.

Energy Storage paired with Solar is becoming more cost-effective. As federal policy on renewable energy is being rolled back. A new UMN-led report finds that when environmental benefits are considered combined energy storage and solar arrays can be a more...
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Energy Storage for Greener Businesses

Problems concerning about climate change, clean and efficient energy have been affecting our developing cultural narrative, especially true in regards to big businesses and organizations around the world. A report from Our Energy Policy states that, 43 percent of...
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5 Reasons Why You Should Install Battery Storage Right Now

As prices of energy storage are declining so fast and energy prices still rise, a number of home battery storage product options are popping up in Australian market for residents to choose from. As batteries are beginning to look attractive to the eyes of residents...
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Energy Storage: Choosing between retrofit or new build with solar.

Are you thinking in considering installing battery storage for your grid-connected home? Then you probably find yourself in one of these two situations: 1. You’ve already got a solar PV system on your roof and want to add batteries to it (possibly with the addition of...
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Queensland: 400MW Renewable Auction

The Queensland Labor government has unveiled a $1.6 billion plan to unlock thousands of megawatts of large-scale wind, solar and pumped-hydro energy projects throughout the state, including a reverse auction for up to 400MW of renewables and energy storage (100MW)....
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Enphase: Sell Not The Battery, But The Benefits Itself

“The goal is to make sure the consumer buys the right solution. The only trouble is that clean energy is not a consumer-driven market, it’s a “market-driven market” where a manufacturer sells to a wholesaler who sells to a retailer who sells to an installer who sells...
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Energy storage and the UK industrial strategy

When the election this coming June 8 in UK was announced by the UK prime minister Theresa May, you could forgive the public a weary sigh at the thought of a third trip to the ballot box in as many years. And you could forgive those of us in the battery storage sector...
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